Nafion™ Membranes, Dispersions, and Resins in Chemical Processing

Improved Chemical Processing Outputs Using Ion Exchange Materials

Consistent and efficient long-term operations are essential in chemical processing applications. Reducing downtime and maximizing output of a chemical process leads to higher yields and improved operational costs.

Many chemical processes use catalysts or ion exchange materials. Selecting the right material can make a big difference in achieving sustained production.

Nafion™ membranes, dispersions, and resins excel across a wide range of operating conditions. Made from a chemically stabilized perfluorosulfonic acid (PFSA)/polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) copolymer and offered in acid (H+) form, Nafion™ materials are widely used for chemical processing.

Applications and Use Cases in Chemical Processing

Different chemical processing applications make use of the unique properties of Nafion™ membranes, dispersions, and resins.

These include:

  • Semiconductor manufacturing: By leveraging the ability of Nafion™ membranes to selectively transport cations in various electrochemical processes, semiconductor manufacturers cost-effectively produce ultra-high purity compounds.

  • Catalyst: Nafion™ also acts as a super-acid catalyst, allowing chemicals to be produced with high purity and reaction rates. When used in solid pellet form, a Nafion™ catalyst can be reused numerous times in acid-catalyzed chemical reactions, lowering the total cost of ownership.

  • Catalyst coatings: Nafion™ dispersions are used as an ion-conducting binder for a variety of electrochemical applications.

  • Waste recovery: Nafion™ membranes reduce waste in the maintenance and purification of plating baths, and in the recovery of spent solutions and rinse waters.

  • Ion exchange: Nafion™ pellets serve as long-life, perfluorinated cation exchange resins that can perform in extreme temperatures and chemical environments where other non-fluorinated resins cannot.

  • Chlorine and caustic production (chlor-alkali): In the harsh environment of chlor-alkali production, Nafion™ membranes boast lower power consumption, the highest caustic quality, superior pressure excursion reliability, and constant production levels.