Maximize Chlor-Alkali Processing with Ion Exchange Membranes

A Primer of Selection Criteria for High-Performance Membranes

Chlor-alkali environments don't fit into the same mold, but what remains consistent across all facilities is the need for consistent performance and energy savings. Harsh operating conditions can negatively affect downtime, catastrophically affecting a plant's operations and profitability.

One-size-fits-all chlor-alkali membranes don't exist, but partnering with membrane suppliers will help you choose the right membrane for your needs and give you the tools to optimize its performance over time.

Membrane Cell information 

Designed to excel across a wide range of operating conditions, Nafion™ ion exchange membranes  contribute to fewer process interruptions and downtime, a lower total cost of ownership, consistent production, and reduced energy consumption.

Every membrane in the Nafion™ membrane portfolio provides enhanced voltage performance, higher mechanical durability, stronger impurity resistance, and more current efficiency in comparison to other membranes. 

Download our white paper to learn how Nafion™ membranes can help maximize process efficiency in your chlor-alkali facility.