Nafion™ Chlor-Alkali Membranes

Chlor-Alkali Industry Membranes Featuring Expanded Applications

The most common chlor-alkali processes involve the electrolysis of aqueous sodium chloride (a brine) in a membrane cell.

Nafion™ chlor-alkali membranes are designed to provide enhanced anion rejection. The membrane transports sodium or potassium from this brine to form sodium or potassium hydroxide in an electrochemical cell.

Features and Benefits

Nafion™ chlor-alkali membranes offer excellent power consumption and outstanding resistance to impurities.

There are two categories of Nafion™ chlor-alkali membranes: high strength and high performance. These two categories cover the market needs for electrolyzers and their various operating conditions. Additionally, these membranes come with different pretreatments for ease of installation.

Nafion™ membranes are backed by the service and support of our industry experts, who help make your new products, applications, and technologies possible. Contact us for more information.