Nafion™ Membranes and Dispersions in Energy

Ion Exchange Materials Help Transform the Energy Industry

As a result of climate change and growing population size, demand for clean energy has skyrocketed around the globe. Many countries and businesses are now pursuing alternative, cleaner ways of generating, storing, and utilizing energy through options like smart grids, fuel cells, and flow battery technologies.

Through these pursuits, the energy market is naturally progressing towards a renewable and green future, with ion-exchange membranes playing a significant role in electrical energy generation. Ion exchange technology can take many forms within the diverse energy marketplace, helping to:

  • Reliably produce electricity from grid facilities to residential spaces
  • Create hydrogen fuel with low to completely clean emissions
  • Regulate efficient use and storage of energy

Nafion™ membranes play a vital role in three transformative energy industry areas: fuel cells, energy storage, and hydrogen production. Each of these options allows engineers to leverage the unique characteristics of Nafion™ membranes, including varying thickness, strength, electrical conductivity, and durability.