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In 2020, the world reduced its demand for fossil fuels for the first time in human history, but to keep that going, we must decarbonize energy production. That seems daunting, but by using renewable energy to create hydrogen, we can create an energy system without emissions.

Responsible chemistry is essential to our changing world, and continued chemical innovations, such as Nafion membranes and dispersions, will usher in the next normal—the birth of the hydrogen-powered society.

Building that society depends on the chemical properties of Nafion, which efficiently converts heat from the sun and power from the wind into clean hydrogen—instantly. With Nafion membranes, we can convert excess renewable energy into the power that electrolyzes water, converting it into hydrogen and oxygen.

Hydrogen is a near-perfect fuel, providing clean power and emitting only pure water vapor. Because of that, hydrogen can all-but eliminate the emissions from energy-intensive industrial processes. It can serve as a feedstock for industry, energize fuel cell powered vehicles, and even heat homes and buildings.

It’s time to let the future in. And Nafion membranes and dispersions are here to do just that —and help bring about the next normal.

Enabling Improvements and Innovations

For more than 50 years, Nafion™ membranes and dispersions have provided critical applications with unparalleled performance and durability. Today, the Nafion™ portfolio provides leading-edge solutions that create production and process improvements, ensure superior performance standards, and allow manufacturers to pursue new markets.

Featured Industries

Nafion™ materials boost the efficiency of many processes in the chemical and chlor-alkali industries and open the door to imaginative new products and applications in transportation and energy storage.

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Chemical Processing
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