Nafion™ Resins for Ion Exchange Membranes

Use of Nafion™ Polymers in Pellet Form

The same polymers used to make Nafion™ membranes and dispersions are also available in pellet form for specialized processing and uses. There are two different forms of these pellets, superacid resins and thermoplastic resins.

Nafion™ Superacid Resins

Nafion™ resins considered to be superacids (acidity greater than 100% pure sulfuric acid) can be used as catalysts for organic synthesis in numerous applications, including:

  • Alkylation
  • Oxidation
  • Isomerization
  • Oligomerization
  • Acylation
  • Ketalization
  • Esterification
  • Hydrolysis of sugars and ethers

Better conversion occurs when a superacid catalyst is used, because it reduces catalyst usage and increases reaction rates.

Nafion™ Thermoplastic Resins

Nafion™ thermoplastic resins from Chemours are perfluorinated polymers used to manufacture ion exchange membranes, catalysts, and related materials.

The thermoplastic polymer is melt-processable. Before it can be used, it must be converted chemically to an ionic form.

Multiple grades are available with different ion exchange capacities and sizes (see Table). Please consult with the technical service team for Nafion™ products for further information.