Industrial Solutions for Nafion™ Membranes, Dispersions, and Resins

Reinventing Industries by Elevating Productivity and Power to New Levels

As inventors of the ion exchange membrane, the Nafion™ brand has the depth of knowledge to lead industries on a journey towards a safer, cleaner world. With an eye to the future, innovative uses of Nafion™ membranes, dispersions, and resins allow industries to:  

  • Maximize productivity and create safer, more sustainable chlor-alkali production processes
  • Empower greater energy generation with lower environmental impact, while supporting unique fuel cell designs
  • Enable innovative, efficient, longer-lasting energy storage in flow batteries

Nafion™ ion exchange materials provide the performance and durability needed in today’s demanding industrial applications. These membranes, dispersions, and resins can be used across various industries, including the chemical production and processing, transportation, and energy sectors. 

Because Nafion™ membranes, dispersions, and resins are fluoropolymer-based and highly stable, they are the materials of choice for many challenging and rigorous use cases.

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