Ion Exchange Membranes Benefit the World

Economic and Environmental Improvements with Versatile Membranes  

How Ion Exchange Membranes Can Benefit Our World

Ion exchange materials (IXMs) have many uses that can positively impact our world’s economy and environment. Their versatility enables growth in new applications and more sustainable business practices across the globe. This paper discusses a range of IXMs, with a narrower focus on ion exchange membranes (IEMs). In production across many industries, IEMs can help reduce carbon emissions and offer more efficient ways to manage worldly resources, such as hydrogen and electricity.

Among fuel cells available today, proton exchange membranes (PEMs) have become an effective choice in energy generation, especially when used for transportation and material handling applications. In the future, fuel cells may be the main choice to power vehicles.

An image of an versatile renewable electrolysis flow.

Download this white paper to learn why engineers and designers specify Nafion™ proton exchange membranes (PEMs) for their fuel cells because of their thickness, conductivity, strength, and chemical durability.